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Ada's Girls

Ada Frances was born January 8, 1935. I sat at her feet, head on her knee, for most of my life. There, I learned generosity, self-esteem, self-confidence and compassion. I learned to help if and when I can. I learned to do no harm, but take no crap.


She radiated warmth like the sunshine,

and affection without condition.

I call her my sunshine.

In honor of Ada Frances and everything she taught me, Nesting Tree Music Therapy created the AFG Foundation. The AFG Foundation, headed by the family and friends of Ada Frances, created Ada's Girls.


Ada's Girls is a non-profit that offers perinatal music therapy and doula services on a sliding scale, or pro bono, to those who are especially at risk but may not be able to afford typical supplemental services in addition to

standard prenatal care.

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